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Fire Side Chat With Blues GM - All Things WEHL
June 03, 2018
We had an opportunity to sit down with Blues GM, Marco Gil, for an in depth conversation not only about his club and short tenure with the team thus far, but also about the league as a whole and its rich history.

Q. Before we get into discussion your franchise, can you tell us your thoughts on the recent blast of emails among GM's and their conduct and your view of the WEHL general?

A. I have nothing but great things to say about the league's history, it's current leadership team and how we have evolved over the years. It's hard to believe that I helped create and start this league over 18 seasons ago.

Fortunately, due to our strong Commissioner and leadership team, they've been able to take the reigns and continue what was started so many years ago.

With respect to the recent flurry of emails among GM's, I think some were upset they weren't approached about certain players or had the opportunity to make an offer for those players. I understand those that feel that way. However, as we often see in the NHL, that doesn't always happen for a variety of reasons. What's important is that we have a solid process in place whereby a GM can appeal to have a trade reviewed by the board of directors of the league.

Q. What would you like see happen to the league moving forward, what changes would you love to see?

I would love to see the league move towards one of the more modern web-based simulation services currently available. I believe Scott and the team are working hard reviewing the available offerings, but if I was a betting man, I would say it's only a matter of when, not if - keep in mind this is pure speculation on my part but something I think the league desperately needs to move the ball forward.

Also, the area of most dissatisfaction for me is our free agency process. Essentially, it entails GM's blindly bidding random amounts of dollar figures to try and acquire a player at free agency. Instead, I think a new system is required. For example, perhaps a price is pre-determined for each available free agency based on a number of factors. Teams can then submit a form to show their interest in signing a free agency and some sort of random process is used to select the winning bidder.

The above process ensures that teams don't just stock pile cash to outbid everyone else and also reflects what happens in the NHL where you really don't know what team a player is going to go to. Obviously the above is just an example of what could be implemented but the current bidding system just lacks depth and leads to far too much spending that results in the league having to dish out more and more TV revenue.

Q. Now about your team, where do you think you're at with the club and how do you see things playing out?

We have been very pleased with the young core group of players we've been able to develop including Matthews, Boeser and a few others. We believe we are now at the stage where we can start to put a Stanley Cup contending team on the ice.

We will look to shore up a few key areas that require some attention such as our goaltending. However, through a few key trades (some of which we are currently working on) and free agency, we hope to be near the top of the standings this year.

Q. Any last comments you'd like to make?

Yes, quite simply, I'm extremely proud of the group of guys who have been in the WEHL for so many years. We all have lives outside of hockey, whether it's as parents, or starting young careers of our own. The mere fact we've been able to keep together a solid core group of GM's and a leadership team that works endlessly to satisfy our dreams of being a real General Manager, it's been a priceless experience to say the least.

Good luck to all our GM's for the upcoming season!
Devils Trade Block
New Jersey Devils
May 30, 2018
The Devils are looking to move the following players for prospects/picks:

Karl Alzner Brian Boyle Oscar Lindberg Brendan Smith Thomas Griess
Congrats To The Habs, Onto The Draft For The Stars
Dallas Stars
May 27, 2018
Congrats goes out to Scott Clews and the Montreal Canadiens on another fantastic run in this years playoffs.

The Stars are now prepping for the 2018 Entry Draft, scouts have been busy monitoring the U18's, CHL Playoffs and Memorial Cup. The Stars have 3 picks in the top 45 this year and have secured a boatload of picks for 2019.

It is said the Stars have been in talks to move down in the 1st round from their current pick of 17th overall. Get in touch if you're a team looking for a top 20 pick.

The Stars have well over $20,000,000 in cap space heading into this years Free Agency market. GM Decelles will be closely monitoring this years Free Agent class and see if there is a good fit for Dallas who are in the midst of an accelerated rebuild.

Thanks to all WEHL GM's for a great year, see you at the Draft.
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Standings - Regular Season
1. Hurricanes 118 0
2. Islanders 115 0
3. Bruins 113 0
4. Sabres 112 0
5. Canadiens 111 0
6. Flyers 103 0
7. Rangers 94 0
8. Red Wings 93 0
9. Penguins 92 0
10. Senators 88 0
11. Capitals 84 0
12. Blue Jackets 74 0
13. Devils 70 0
14. Lightning 69 0
15. Maple Leafs 66 0
16. Panthers 50 0
Western PTS GR
1. Flames 134 0
2. Coyotes 108 0
3. Wild 95 0
4. Blackhawks 95 0
5. Avalanche 92 0
6. Stars 92 0
7. Oilers 92 0
8. Canucks 91 0
9. Jets 87 0
10. Predators 85 0
11. Blues 79 0
12. Knights 75 0
13. Kings 68 0
14. Ducks 62 0
15. Sharks 60 0
League Leaders - Playoffs 17/18
Skaters Team PTS
1. Patrice Bergeron ARI 28
2. Nikita Kucherov MTL 24
3. Drew Doughty ARI 23
4. John Carlson MTL 23
5. Kristopher Letang ARI 23
6. Duncan Keith CHI 22
7. Mikko Koivu CHI 22
Goalies Team GAA
1. Pekka Rinne MIN 1.09
2. Peter Budaj CHI 1.11
3. Craig Anderson MTL 2.23
4. Andrei Vasilevski ARI 2.55
5. Brian Elliott CAR 2.77
6. Henrik Lundqvist DAL 2.78
7. Corey Crawford CAR 2.81
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